Which Authorization Method is Right for Me?

We always recommend that developers start out using our OAuth authorization method. Besides using the simple, widely-used OAuth 2.0 authorization method, this allows a very lightweight integration. Since OAuth simply allows users to share their existing Slice accounts with you (or create new Slice accounts and share them with you), it doesn’t require you to think about the actual logistics of linking mailboxes or keeping them linked. Best of all, the OAuth method is free for an unlimited number of linked user accounts!

The white-label integration method, by contrast, offers a seamless integration between your app and the mail providers, powered by Slice. If you choose a white-label integration, your users can access their data only through your app, not through the Slice apps. This means that you are responsible for the fairly complex task of routing your users through the appropriate mailbox-linking flow, and for prompting your users to re-authenticate their mailbox if the access tokens stop working.

If you’re not sure of the practical difference here, we recommend that you start out with OAuth. It will be a quicker integration and will allow you to easily test out our API in your app. If you decide later on that you would rather do a deeper, white-label integration, we will happily support you in that.

Please email us at api@slice.com with any questions!